American Innovation

Established in 2010, Energy Harness Corporation (EHC) specializes in the manufacturing and nationwide distribution of high-quality commercial LED lighting. In 2020 Energy Harness released the Patented Active Airflow UVGI device which is tested and proven to inactivate COVID-19 and other pathogens in occupied rooms.

Energy Harness Corporation serves OEM, Distribution, and Commercial clients regarding their specific needs.  All Active Airflow products are proudly manufactured in the USA.



All-Energy Harness products undergo rigorous design, manufacturing, and testing processes.  Our LED UV-C Active Airflow devices have been tested and certified by several Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories regarding safety and efficiency.


Energy Harness works with OEM clients to meet all of your product needs.  From branding to custom products, Energy Harness will help to provide you with a solution for your business.


Energy Harness ships products to all domestic and most international locations.  We can stock products in house to ship when and where you need it.  Contact us today to discuss distribution opportunities.